Implementing a Security Program with SPIO

February 28, 2023

Jemurai is a developer-focused cybersecurity firm that aims to help client teams make pragmatic decisions about audits, code, infrastructure, and processes. After years of consulting engagements, we discovered that many start-up to mid-sized businesses needed an easier way to implement a security program not only to have a strong security posture but also to handle the inevitable… a security questionnaire from a prospective customer. 

In order to facilitate the goal of assisting clients with security, we created (SPIO). SPIO helps organizations implement cybersecurity policies, procedures, and training with a structured, logical, and pragmatic approach. Given our values, we did not create a program that is driven by compliance to a standard. We created a program that emphasizes good security practices.

SPIO provides templated policies and procedures written so that most companies can adopt them "as is." These policies are also mapped to clearly defined tasks that your IT department or other relevant staff will need to complete in order to meet the requirements of those policies. 

SPIO provides you with training materials to ensure that your entire staff is up to date on the vital roles they play in protecting your organization’s systems, servers, and data. SPIO provides training for your entire team, including general security awareness, developer, and cloud training topics. Training videos are delivered by industry experts, such as Matt Konda, our CEO and former Chair of the Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP). We also provide training trackers, so that you can have a real-time understanding of who has completed exactly what training.

Cybersecurity is a complex field and can be overwhelming to those trying to run their business, let alone consider how all aspects of that business need to be protected against hostile attacks and data breaches. In order to simplify the complexity into manageable tasks, we structured SPIO into eleven categories which are organized into 4 groups.


  • Data Security: protecting your critical data
    • Identity and Access: credentialing users so only those allowed can access data and systems.
    • Data Classification & Privacy: giving each class of data the proper protection to ensure privacy is maintained
  • Technical Security: protecting your network, servers, and applications to ensure business continuity
    • Network Security: securing networks with tools like VPNs, firewalls, and monitoring
    • Application Security: applying security measures throughout the software development lifecycle
    • System Security: Securing systems and servers to protect data in transit and at rest
    • Business Continuity: Action planning to continue operations in case of a security breach
  • Physical Security: protecting your personnel, systems, and data from real-world threats
    • Securing Physical Locations: protecting your physical spaces and assets to prevent data loss.
    • Asset Management: tracking your physical assets with an up-to-date inventory
  • Business Security: protecting your business against attacks and from incidents
    • Incident Response: advance planning and training to quickly recover from security incidents
    • Vendor Management: ensuring your business partners take data protection seriously
    • Risk Management: identifying risks to mitigate likelihood and effects

The tasks organized by SPIO across these four groups and 11 categories will offer your organization the ability to easily implement policies, procedures, and training that will protect all aspects of your business from cybersecurity threats. The policies are modeled on those set by NIST, and the procedures have been successfully adopted by other businesses like yours. Additionally, SPIO’s training tasks will make sure that your organization is able to bring staff up to speed without overwhelming the rest of your operations. 

SPIO provides everything your organization needs to implement a cybersecurity program, including simple-to-deploy policies, procedures, and training resulting in confidence in your security posture.

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