Introduction to Security Training

Your organization’s security posture might have world-class policies and procedures in place, but that won’t matter if your staff doesn’t know how to adhere to them and implement them. All members of your staff should have security awareness training, as well as training around any specific policies that must be adhered to, and training around procedures that they must follow. 

IT staff in particular should go through robust training around security awareness in order to prevent and mitigate attacks on your systems, servers, applications, and data. Such training is designed to help IT staff understand the vital role they play in helping to prevent breaches and combat attacks. They should also be able to train staff users on common IT security threats and how to prevent them. 

Some common training topics include the following: 

  • IT Staff:
    • How to maintain and manage proper access control by user type
    • How to adhere to the specific compliance requirements depending on the type of data and how it’s used (e.g. HIPAA, PSI DSS)
    • How to identify potential insider threats and how to mitigate them
    • How to respond to a data breach or system attack
    • How to restore systems and data following a potential breach or system disruption
  • Users: 
    • How to recognize phishing attempts via email or SMS, and how to report and respond to them
    • How to create strong passwords and how frequently to update them
    • How to maintain physical security, such as not keeping passwords written down, and making sure laptops timeout when unattended

SPIO provides you with training materials to ensure that your entire staff is up to date on the vital roles they play in protecting your organization’s systems, servers, and data. SPIO provides training for your entire team, including general security awareness, developer, and cloud training topics. Training videos are delivered by industry experts, such as Matt Konda, our CEO and former Chair of the Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP). We also provide training trackers, so that you can have a real-time understanding of who has completed exactly what training.

With SPIO, your security posture will be strengthened by our simple-to-deploy policies, procedures, and training.

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