SPIO Pricing

Whether you are a bootstrapping startup or just closed a VC round, there is a securityprogram.io tier that will work for you.
Subscribe monthly, with no annual commitment, and change levels as needed.


✓ Policies
✓ Security Training
✓ Task Management

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✓ Network Scans
✓ Vendor Tracker
✓ Risk Register
✓ User Audit
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✓ Project Manager
✓ Team Handles Vendors
✓ Team Handles Questionnaires
✓ Team Coordinates Program
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Choosing the Right SPIO Plan


With Startup, you get the foundation for what you need to run a security program. It includes security policies, procedures, training, task management and dashboards to track progress.

Startup is great for companies that are on a budget and want to get started with a security program in a structured way that will grow with them.


The Complete tier includes everything from the startup package and adds automated tools like network scanning, user audit, risk management, and vendor tracker.

Complete is perfect for companies that are dedicated to the on-going process of periodic security reviews with the help of automation and tools.


In the Assisted tier, we offer a project team to work with your organization to implement a security program. Our team includes a project manager and technical experts to answer questions.

Assisted is best for companies that need to go faster, handle many customer questionnaires, expect to do an audit in the near future, or just want help!

Virtual CISO

In addition to the three SPIO plans, Jemurai also offers Virtual CISO Consulting Services. In this engagement, we designate a member of our team to act as your CISO. They participate in budgeting, hiring, tool selection, executive management reporting, and all aspects of running a security program. This plan gives you access to experienced leaders at a fraction of the cost of a full time CISO.

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Basic Training
Advanced Training
Task Manager
Online Support
Slack Support
Phone / Video Support
Network Vulnerability Scanner

User Audit

Risk Register

Vendor Tracker


Questionnaire Assist

1 / month
Vendor Assist

Security Project Manager

Risk Assessment

Audit Support

Add On
Customer / Investor Meetings

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Prepare Board Presentations
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Prepare Budget
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Assist with Incidents
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Advisory Consulting
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