Security questionnaires can slow sales 

Don’t let the hundreds of questions in a security questionnaire slow down your sales process. Let Jemurai’s experts complete the questionnaire, so you can get back to business.

What is a security questionnaire?

Security questionnaires are often given to a startup or SMBs sales staff by a prospective customer in order to conduct vendor risk assessment.

These questionnaires can be hundreds of questions long, take days to complete, crush staff productivity, and most importantly, slow the sales process. Jemurai knows cybersecurity and security questionnaires; in fact, we have been completing security questionnaires on behalf of clients for well over a decade.

Of course your development team can answer these questions, but wouldn’t you rather have them develop?

With hundreds of questions to answer, ALL of our clients agree that it is a much better use of resources to outsource this headache and get back to business. And who better to outsource to than the experts at Jemurai?

Our Process

At Jemurai, our goal is to simplify the process.

We will begin with an onboarding call with your team to discuss:

  • Security policies that you may have in place
  • What data is collected and retained
  • Your user base

After that, our cybersecurity experts (not bots or AI) will complete the questionnaire. Our shared goal with our clients is to improve their security posture for a reasonable flat fee, no subscription fees and no minimum amount of questionnaires required.

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