About Us

We are a developer-focused cybersecurity firm that can help your team make pragmatic decisions about audits, code, infrastructure, and processes.

Our Values


We bridge the gap between development and security.

People Focused

People matter. We value our team, and we value the teams we get to work with.


Startups love working with us. We know to get crucial security for your budget.


Who says security has to be boring? We make meetings as enjoyable as work can be.

Meet your new Security Team

Matt Konda
Founder, CEO
Knows all things
Joseph Kerby
Able to leap tall buildings with multiple bounds
Alan Goldman
VP Services
Be glad he wears a white hat
Brian Fore
Senior Penetration Tester & Security Developer
Super Dr. Bookworm
Malcolm Newsome
Penetration Tester & Security Developer
Connector of People
Caitlin Studley Potter
Security Manager

Learn how Jemurai was formed

Matt Konda started Jemurai to bring software developers a different approach to security. After 15 years of writing code, running agile teams, and doing software architecture, Matt wanted to engage developers in a constructive way instead of just pointing out flaws and breaking things. Since then, Jemurai has brought this collaborative approach to 100’s of companies.
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Build a comprehensive security program using our proven model.
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