Risk and Threat Modeling with Mind Maps

November 10, 2020
In security we talk a lot about understanding risk. That informs the advice we give and decisions we make. A […]

Crush Github Action

October 20, 2020
Everyone is talking about pushing left. I feel like I’ve been talking about Agile Security since like 2010. Whatever we’re […]

App Meta Security Information

May 7, 2020
When we implement security programs, we often advise clients to build an inventory of their applications. There are a lot […]

Dependency Management — A nightmare scenario

January 27, 2020
Dependency management has become a very important part of insuring the security of your applications. We’ve written about it many […]

Security Code Review Tool - CRUSH

January 15, 2020
We often do code review for companies. Code review is a great control whether or not you are running SAST […]

Clojure Security and Signal

November 27, 2019
As a developer focused consultancy, we thrive in situations where we work in new languages or try new or different […]

Cloud Security In Real Life

September 19, 2019
We’re doing a fair number of cloud security assessments. This post will talk a bit about what we have found […]

Using Github Pull Request Templates and Checks to Implement Security Checklists

August 15, 2019
This blog post will show one way to build security checklists into your code review and pull request flows in […]

Ginkgo for BDD Infrastructure Security Testing

July 29, 2019
Recently I’ve been working on a series of unit tests in Ginkgo (a popular BDD testing framework for Golang) and […]

Encrypting Large Files

April 23, 2019
We have a client that is doing interesting data science that depends on processing very large files (100GB) that are […]
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