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Building Trust and Boosting Sales: How implementing a trust center on your website can elevate your brand

January 25, 2024
Learn how implementing a Trust Center on your website can reduce security questionnaires, boost sales, and increase trust with your customers.

Legislating Software Security

March 2, 2023
Today when I sat down to work, I had a number of questions sitting in Twitter and Slack about a […]

The Truth About Audits

Ever wonder about the effectiveness of audits? This post talks about the good, bad and ugly side of cybersecurity audits.

Phishing Job Candidates

July 29, 2022
This post provides a view into a phishing campaign that targeted job candidates at a customer.

Feature Spotlight: Network Scanning

This post is a feature spotlight on the network scanning.

Feature Spotlight: Vendor Tracking

This post is a feature spotlight on the vendor tracker.

Feature Spotlight: Risk Register

This post is a feature spotlight on the risk register.

Automated Mass Spearsmishing

This post provides a quick view into a smishing campaign we have observed at several customers, with detail from our direct experience.

Your Next(or First) Security Hire Should Be...

July 27, 2021
For years, a common rule-of-thumb said your security spending should be around 10% of your company’s IT budget—but that rule […]

Ransomware Attacks and Small Businesses

July 1, 2021
Ransomware attacks are big news right now. According to US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, ransomware attacks are up a […]

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