Secure Your App

Securing your applications is a critical part of your cybersecurity strategy.

Comprehensive Application Security

Empower your Teams

Unify SECURITY efforts
We excel at bridging the gap between your security team and your developers.

Architecture Review

Implications of Structural Design
Our team can help align architecture decisions with current best practices.

Secure Code Review

Understand YOUR CODE quality 
Our experts will identify issues and make recommendations for more secure code.

Security Automation

Standard, Repeatable Processes
Build security into your CI/CD, including our 6 key cybersecurity activities.


Impact your organization with our Deep Expertise
We offer training on all aspects of cybersecurity. Live training and lunch-and-learn sessions are popular delivery options.

General trainings

  • General security awareness
  • Security policies, privacy, and data handling
  • Phishing and ransomware
  • Incident response
  • Threat modeling and risk management

Example developer trainings

  • Cloud architecture
  • Using cloud security services (WAF, IDS, and SIEM)
  • Java, Clojure, PHP, .Net, Ruby, and JavaScript
  • OWASP Top 10

Ready to get started?

Build a comprehensive security program using our proven model.
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