Your Application Security Partner

We are a developer-focused cybersecurity firm that can help your team make pragmatic decisions about audits, code, infrastructure, and processes.






Application Security Done Right
Our AppSec Team is an extension of your development teams. We’ll dive in with hands-on cybersecurity training and help automate security processes with tools that can easily be integrated with your architecture.
  • Seamless collaboration with developers
  • Understand your data risk
  • Second to none in building AppSec programs
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Penetration Testing

Find the vulnerabilities
Our pen testers are developers who use their expert understanding of applications and infrastructure to find ways to break systems and get ahead of vulnerabilities. Our team has honed the pen testing process:
  • Leverage automated tools for recon and fuzzing
  • Analyze business flows, integrations, and access controls
  • Find critical issues such as SSRF, SQLi, XSS, Privilege Escalation, Auth Bypass
  • Follow industry standards including OWASP
  • Deliver a comprehensive report
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Quickly start your security journey
Small to medium sized technology companies — protect your data, support client requirements, complete security audits, and respond to investment due diligence activities.
Our platform provides a complete and solid security program.
  • Standards Aligned Policies
  • Automated Tools
  • Security Training
  • Progress Tracking
  • Support
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You're in Good Company

Our clients are among the most innovative companies on the planet in finance, insurance, healthcare, ecommerce, quantum, commercial 3d printing, and cryptocurrency.
  • helped us prepare for complex security review processes. We have a security team at our disposal for less than the cost of a full-time security professional.
    Tom Plagge
    CTO, Brighthive
  • Our team's experience has been more than delightful. As an organization with high standards and expectations, SPIO met and exceeded our expectations. As a result of their great service, we've extended our agreement and I know our relationship will be a long-standing one.
    Jeffrey Nolte
    Founder, Nolte
  • makes it easy to track security policies, protocols, and employee security training all in one place.
    Kaitlyn Doston
    VP, CalcuQuote
  • In all seriousness, I’ve been really appreciating how well your investment in the product tooling to support the security program has set us up for this (acquisition) process.
    Dan Milstein
    CTO, Ellevation Education

Our Values


We bridge the gap between development and security.

People Focused

People matter. We value our team and we value the teams we get to work with.


Startups love working with us. We know how to build cybersecurity programs within your budget.


Who says security has to be boring? We make meetings as enjoyable as work can be.
Meet our team

Are you ready to answer questions about your cybersecurity? will help you build a cybersecurity program that you can confidently share with your customers, investors, and regulators.

Our easy-to-use app enables you to:

  • Customize policy templates to fit your organization
  • Implement procedures where the focus is on security
  • Conduct security training with expert-led videos
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