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Jemurai is a security company with deep experience in both application development and security.

Fractional CISO

We help you build a security program.

JASP: Cloud Security Automation

Use our platform to continuously check the security of your systems.


We teach leaders and developers about security in fun, hands on and language relevant training with online reinforcement.

Penetration Testing

We break apps to make them stronger.

Latest Jemurai Blog Posts

JASP Check Deep Dive: S3

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It is very common to find Amazon S3 buckets misconfigured.  We found one in a pen test this week.  We find them frequently.  The most common things we see with S3 buckets is that people leave them open to the world and don’t encrypt them.  The one we found this week also let us delete […]

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JASP Meta: November 2018 Edition

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Building JASP has been a really interesting experience for all of us at Jemurai (  This post captures some of what I think we’re seeing and learning right now. We bootstrapped.  Lots of people think raising venture capital for an idea is the best way to build and grow.  We still bootstrapped.  That means we paid […]

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JASP Check Deep Dive: ECR

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As we build JASP, we’re brainstorming and learning about security (so far, primarily in AWS).  This is the first in a series of “Check Deep Dive” posts that talk about things we are checking for in JASP.  It seems like an interesting area to share information.  Incidentally, we’re also going to post more meta posts […]

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