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Application security (AppSec) concerns the security measures built into applications. The aim is to  prevent data or code being stolen or hijacked within the app. Ideally, application security will be built in during software development, and will be strengthened continuously after application deployment. A good application security posture will leverage hardware security, software security, and ongoing procedures that identify or minimize security vulnerabilities. 

Application security becomes more and more important with our reliance on mobile devices, high speed cellular networks, and wifi routers. Hackers have grown more sophisticated, and often attempt cross site scripting (XSS) attacks in an attempt to outwit your defenses and trick your routers and firewalls.

SPIO helps protect your applications with tools like firewalls, logging, and ID verification, as well as penetration tests to ensure that they are running securely and protecting both customer and company data. SPIO’s security recommendations and tasks ensure that security awareness is part of your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), from code review of security architecture to change management to make sure updates strengthen and improve application security. 

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