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Legislating Software Security

March 2, 2023
Today when I sat down to work, I had a number of questions sitting in Twitter and Slack about a […]

Supporting Remote Work Securely

March 16, 2022
On Friday we wrote a blog post that talked about remote work and security from a workers perspective. We included […]

Planning for Escalated Hacking

March 1, 2022
This post provides answers to the question of what should we do about the escalated tensions and risk of cybersecurity conflict.

Securing Tech Workers in Ukraine

February 18, 2022
This post provides some quick insights into the things you may need to do to protect your outsourced tech workers in conflict zones like Ukraine.

Ransomware Attacks and Small Businesses

July 1, 2021
Ransomware attacks are big news right now. According to US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, ransomware attacks are up a […]

Epic Security Failure and Risk

December 17, 2020
All I could do was facepalm after somebody pointed me to an article about how Microsoft unleashed a death star […]

Lets Talk About Blockchain

October 28, 2020
Let’s talk about Blockchain. I think many people in the security world are already appropriately skeptical of all of the […]

Zoom Security Reality Check

April 10, 2020
Zoom has been in the news a lot lately. In this post, we try to put the Zoom security situation […]

Secure Remote Work

March 13, 2020
In light of Coronavirus / Covid-19 and in particular, the key CDC recommendation that we implement social distancing (work from […]

How to Stay Secure While Working Remotely

March 12, 2020
In light of Coronavirus / Covid-19 and in particular, the key CDC recommendation that we implement social distancing (work from home), we wanted to try to […]

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