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How to Stay Secure While Working Remotely

March 12, 2020
In light of Coronavirus / Covid-19 and in particular, the key CDC recommendation that we implement social distancing (work from home), we wanted to try to […]

Ransomware 101

October 3, 2019
We’ve seen a number of small and larger companies in our network targeted by ransomware in recent weeks so it […]

Equifax: What’s the Score

September 18, 2017
Introduction Late last week (around 9/15/2017) it was reported that the CIO and CSO at Equifax “resigned”.  Equifax stock is down […]

Mitigating the Vulnerability Widely Thought to Have Caused the Equifax Breach

September 12, 2017
The recent Equifax data breach may have exposed Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on over 143 millions Americans. It appears that […]

Software Security Insurance

February 14, 2020
Last week a well established application security company (that I respect) published availability of a $1,000,000 insurance policy for breach related […]

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