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Asset management is vital to your organization’s security posture. A good asset management policy will allow you to immediately know who has keys, laptops, mobile devices, or other physical assets, and it will help you regain such assets when people leave your organization. Additionally, in the world of remote access and working from home, a good asset management policy will ensure that your assets are always protected through software updates to laptops, antivirus applications, and harddrive encryption.

Asset management is important because it will give you a complete, unified, and up-to-date inventory of every asset connected to your  IT environment and its security posture. This complete picture can provide operational efficiencies, positive business outcomes, and a better return on investment (ROI) for technology spending. It will also give you better cybersecurity and compliance control, since you will always know who has what. 

SPIO offers templates and checklists to help you keep track of and securely manage all the assets that your organization is responsible for, including employee laptops, keys to offices, and mobile phones, as well as your network, servers, and services. SPIO will remind you with a series of recurring tasks to track and audit your asset management, ensuring prompt return of equipment when employees cease employment, protection of devices with version and patch control, and inaccessibility to hard drives in case of theft or loss of equipment.

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