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Business continuity concerns your ability to keep your business running in the event of a disaster, malicious attack on your systems, or breach of your security. A strong security posture will help you keep your business up and running if this occurs. With business continuity planning, your security systems have redundancies and backups, so that in the case of an attack or data loss, you are able to resume operations with minimal interruptions. 

Business continuity is important because disruptions in your operations can have financial, reputational, or possible regulatory consequences. The two key metrics with regards to business continuity are: Recovery Point Objective (RPO), which is how far back you will need to go to restore your data (whether in seconds, minutes, hours, or days), and Recovery Time Objective (RTO), or how quickly you can get your systems back up and running and your data and operations restored.

SPIO offers various processes and guidelines to help you achieve your desired RTO and RPO. Plus, we test your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plans at least annually, ensuring that your policies and procedures are up to date and your IT staff have received the training they need in order to restore your systems quickly and securely.

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