Start Here: Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identity and access management (IAM) ensures that only those with the correct digital identification are able to access systems and data. With IAM policies and procedures in place, your IT managers can precisely control which users are able to access which data, either with role based permissions, or down to the user level. The overall goal of IAM is to ensure that private data remains private and is only accessible by those with the rights to access it. 

Identity and access management is important because it keeps private data private and helps prevent data breaches and reputational loss. Depending on your industry, there may also be new laws and mandates that you will need to rapidly adhere to. Good IAM policies and procedures will ensure compliance and minimize financial loss from non-compliance or data breaches.  

SPIO helps you ensure that your identity and management policies and procedures are working to protect your private data. SPIO will help keep your organization in compliance with a series of guided tasks that address access management, such as auditing, personnel changes, user roles, and privileges for users. Your customers will rest assured that their private information remains protected, and your staff will benefit from the same levels of protection.

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