Equifax: What’s the Score

September 18, 2017
Introduction Late last week (around 9/15/2017) it was reported that the CIO and CSO at Equifax “resigned”.  Equifax stock is down […]

Mitigating the Vulnerability Widely Thought to Have Caused the Equifax Breach

September 12, 2017
The recent Equifax data breach may have exposed Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on over 143 millions Americans. It appears that […]

Security Policies Rebooted

August 15, 2017
Here’s a deep dark secret:  I don’t particularly like security policy.  I don’t always follow policy.  Goodness knows that with […]

Incubator: Canary Data

August 7, 2017
Incubator At Jemurai, we have started incubating products.  We love security consulting and the engineering we do there, but there […]

Glue 0.9.4 and Scout2

July 29, 2017
We spend a fair amount of time building and using OWASP Glue to improve security automation at clients.  The idea […]

Signal, Audit and Logging – Introduction

July 6, 2017
At clients, we work to make sure the best information is available to: Debug an application Track what happens in […]

The 10 OWASP Commandments

May 15, 2017
Here at Jemurai, we have at least a few Hamilton fans.  OK, I might be the biggest … but I’m definitely […]

Glue Update

March 25, 2017
There have been several recent improvements with Glue.  Its been awesome to have more people committing to the project and […]

Glue 0.9.3

January 27, 2017
At Jemurai, we contribute extensively to OWASP Glue and use it on some of our projects where it makes sense to […]

Software Security Insurance

February 14, 2020
Last week a well established application security company (that I respect) published availability of a $1,000,000 insurance policy for breach related […]
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