Glue 0.9.4 and Scout2

July 29, 2017
We spend a fair amount of time building and using OWASP Glue to improve security automation at clients.  The idea […]

Signal, Audit and Logging – Introduction

July 6, 2017
At clients, we work to make sure the best information is available to: Debug an application Track what happens in […]

The 10 OWASP Commandments

May 15, 2017
Here at Jemurai, we have at least a few Hamilton fans.  OK, I might be the biggest … but I’m definitely […]

Glue Update

March 25, 2017
There have been several recent improvements with Glue.  Its been awesome to have more people committing to the project and […]

Glue 0.9.3

January 27, 2017
At Jemurai, we contribute extensively to OWASP Glue and use it on some of our projects where it makes sense to […]

Software Security Insurance

February 14, 2020
Last week a well established application security company (that I respect) published availability of a $1,000,000 insurance policy for breach related […]
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