Tend Your Digital Garden

January 25, 2018
Something that is really hard about application security is that it isn’t something you can just point a tool at […]

Your Vulnerability Spreadsheet Says More Than You Think

January 9, 2018
More often than I’d care to say, I work on projects where a client has a vulnerability spreadsheet to rule […]

Thinking About Secrets

October 19, 2017
Introduction We have two types of projects that often uncover secrets being shared in ways that aren’t well thought through. […]

Popular Media Coverage of Software and Formal Methods

October 15, 2017
It is interesting … in the wake of Equifax and other recent news, The Atlantic has published several articles about […]

Security Policies Rebooted

August 15, 2017
Here’s a deep dark secret:  I don’t particularly like security policy.  I don’t always follow policy.  Goodness knows that with […]

Incubator: Canary Data

August 7, 2017
Incubator At Jemurai, we have started incubating products.  We love security consulting and the engineering we do there, but there […]

Signal, Audit and Logging – Introduction

July 6, 2017
At clients, we work to make sure the best information is available to: Debug an application Track what happens in […]

The 10 OWASP Commandments

May 15, 2017
Here at Jemurai, we have at least a few Hamilton fans.  OK, I might be the biggest … but I’m definitely […]

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