JASP: Cloud Security Automation

JASP is Jemurai’s Automated Security Platform.  It is available now and performs security checks against your Amazon AWS environment.

You can sign up and try it for free at:  https://app.jasp.cloud.  Background on the product and documentation is at https://jasp.cloud.

Over years of building scanners and performing security testing, code review, architecture and design reviews and cloud security audits, we came to the conclusion that there are few tools for developers or security engineers to use to check the security of their environment.  We set out to build an extensible, API first, platform for doing security analysis at scale in a way that would be accessible to developers.

In the AWS tooling, we check things like:

  • IAM Password Policies
  • Network:  Ingress / Egress rules
  • S3 Buckets
  • RDS Encryption

In short, if your organization is using AWS today, you have nothing to lose by trying JASP except risk and threat exposure.

For those organizations that want a managed service “watching your back in the cloud” on an ongoing basis, we have plans to fit different levels of support from mostly automated to human managed with escalations from our team.