Jemurai Labs

Jemurai Labs is our R&D team - it is where we experiment and build new things.  Everyone on our team that is technical has software development background and works on some of these tools.  Being expert developers at the intersection of cloud, software and security is our jam.

Some of the cool things to come out of Jemurai Labs include: 

  • - A SaaS system to help small companies build and run their own security programs.
  • JASP - An AWS cloud security tool. (Jemurai Application Security Platform)
  • Signal - A tool for testing your signal detection capabilities.

We also work on open source projects including: 

  • Crush
  • OWASP Glue (from 2014-2021, now retired)
  • S3S2

Some of our projects are still internally facing, including: 

  • Attack surface enumeration
  • Cloud security audit helpers

If you want to know more about Jemurai Labs - perhaps to commission development of a security system or for interest in one of the above, please reach out to

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