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Security Trends Lets Talk About Blockchain Read More
October 28, 2020 -

Let’s talk about Blockchain. I think many people in the security world are already appropriately skeptical of all of the “let’s use blockchain for this” trends, but in this post we wanted to dig into it a bit and talk about why not to use blockchain. What Is Blockchain Blockchain isn’t just one thing really, […]

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Security Trends Crush Github Action Read More
October 20, 2020 -

Everyone is talking about pushing left. I feel like I’ve been talking about Agile Security since like 2010. Whatever we’re going to call it, the idea is that we want to be able to do our work earlier in the development process where developers can touch and feel it. Its not all about tools Although […]

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Security Trends Security Culture - Gift Card Scams Read More
January 30, 2020 -

In the latest video of our Security Culture series we give a quick summary of 3 gift card scams we’ve seen recently. This topic is less technical and more social engineering focused, but it is relevant to developers and general audiences alike. In the first scam, I got an email from someone I know. It […]

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Security Trends Ransomware 101 Read More
October 3, 2019 -

We’ve seen a number of small and larger companies in our network targeted by ransomware in recent weeks so it seemed worth diving into some detail to talk about this topic - which I believe is a clear and present danger for companies of all sizes, including Jemurai! We’ll talk about what we see and […]

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Security Trends The Not Insecure Podcast Read More
July 14, 2019 -

Folks on the Jemurai team recently started a podcast in which they talk about security, and some of the challenges of building a secure security product! We thought it would be clever to call it Not Insecure. One of the key contributors is an engineering leader (Joe). The other is a product manager (Keely). We […]

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Security Trends Top 5.5 AppSec Predictions Sure To Go Wrong Read More
January 18, 2018 -

In keeping with an all too popular industry practice of producing year end Top 10 lists, at Jemurai we developed a Top 5.5 Application Security Trends for 2018.  It is obviously meant to be a little bit fun, given the “Top 5.5” title, but we tried to capture what we think are significant important things […]

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Security Trends Predictions Sure To Go Wrong for 2017 Read More
December 22, 2016 -

I don’t have much time to listen to Sports Radio anymore, but I used to love to listen to Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio.  They had a segment called Predictions, Sure to Go Wrong which was clearly their way of having fun making predictions while making fun of themselves and admitting they really had a […]

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