Glue Update Read More
March 25, 2017 -

There have been several recent improvements with Glue.  Its been awesome to have more people committing to the project and adding in different ways. One is related to ZAP integration, which is finally getting more of the attention it needs.  Another is related to reporting to JIRA.  Still another is a way to fail builds […]

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Developer Resource Glue 0.9.3 Read More
January 27, 2017 -

At Jemurai, we contribute extensively to OWASP Glue and use it on some of our projects where it makes sense to tie together automation around security.  We kept seeing the same types of integration challenges and found that it was useful to have a common starting point to solve them.  It is far from perfect and […]

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Security Hires AppSec Qualifications Read More
January 17, 2017 -

At Jemurai, we often find ourselves in situations where a company wants to build their own application security program but doesn’t really know how.  That’s a common and very understandable problem given the trends in the industry (increasing focus on app security) and the inherent complexity of doing application security well.  We take great pride teaching […]

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Security Trends Predictions Sure To Go Wrong for 2017 Read More
December 22, 2016 -

I don’t have much time to listen to Sports Radio anymore, but I used to love to listen to Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio.  They had a segment called Predictions, Sure to Go Wrong which was clearly their way of having fun making predictions while making fun of themselves and admitting they really had a […]

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Strategy 2017 Strategies Read More
December 17, 2016 -

As we have worked with clients in the back half of 2016, we have started to help them think about their 2017 strategies.  There are a couple of major themes we see again and again that are interesting. Budget We commonly see that getting budget allocated is something that is reactionary. Often next year’s budget is […]

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Application Security Software Security Insurance Read More
February 14, 0202 -

Last week a well established application security company (that I respect) published availability of a $1,000,000 insurance policy for breach related costs related to applications it provides security source code review for.  I assume that the idea is that the review has more value if it has some financial assurance behind it.  Some folks who are […]

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