Branding and Company Update


We recently updated the Jemurai website, modeling it after the new website which we really like (shout out to our web design friends at who did so much more than help with the design the site). As we did that, we realized we needed to try to be clearer about what we do, and where we talk about it. This post aims to capture all that and make it easy to understand.

What Are The Web Sites?

It has become increasingly clear that we want to have a main company website, which is this one at It is intended to unify access to information about our team, open jobs, our products our services and all the things you'd want to know about our company. It is also where we post some technical blog posts that are driven by the software security practice.

In addition, we have several product related sites, including:

  • (coming soon)

These are products of Jemurai, developed by Jemurai Labs - our R&D team. You will see posts relevant to the different product areas on the blogs for those sites - eg. The Truth About Audits on the site.

So Wait, What Do You Do?

Lately, when we explain what we do, it can feel a little confusing - even for our team. So let me try to simplify our language here. We're basically developers that are interested in security. That has always been and continues to be our DNA.

So at the core of what we do are some services that help development teams build secure applications. These include:

  • Developer Training
  • AppSec Automation
  • Cloud Security Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Code Review
  • etc.

While we do these projects, sometimes ideas pop up and become really compelling. With cloud security, it caused us to build JASP. With small companies being pushed to answer complex security questionnaires and prove they have good security, it inspired The point is, the security services around software development and cloud security are at our core and put us in a position to build the systems you see above.

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