Learn From AWS Security Expert, Aaron Bedra

Our Chief Scientist, Aaron Bedra, will be on the road over the next month speaking at a few conferences. Most of his talks will involve around AWS Security and security for developers.

Aaron, a senior level security developer, has worked as a CSO and CTO and is the co-author of Programming Clojure, 2nd and 3rd Edition.

You can catch Aaron at any of the conferences below:

Sunday, 4/22
Topic: AWS Security Essentials and Adaptive Threat Monitoring

Tuesday, 4/24
Topic: AWS Security Essentials

Thursday, 4/26
Topic: Security and Trust in a Microservice World

Monday, 4/30 (Keynote Speaker)
Topic: Security Skills for Developers

Wednesday, 5/9 (Keynote Speaker)
Topic: The Cost of Complexity

Monday, 5/14
Topic: AWS Security

Friday, 5/18
Topic: AWS: Critical Security Solutions for Developers

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