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In This Webinar You Will Learn

Stop Storing Secrets in Git!

3 Open Source Tools for Secrets Management

Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Time: 1:00pm CT

Duration: 1 hour

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Check out this webinar and learn why it's important not to store secrets on Git, and learn about different methods to easily access secrets in a secure way.

  • Security vulnerabilities that emerge from storing secrets in Git
  • 3 open source tools for managing secrets
  • Solutions in clear language, applicable to both engineering & security

Free Webinar: 3 Open Source Tools for Secrets Management

Matt Konda is our CEO, and the Chair of the OWASP Global Board of Directors. He graduated from Brown University, then earned an MS in CS from Rensselaer. After years programming complex enterprise systems and leading teams, he worked building security systems including a Certificate Authority, a tool for managing penetration tests and a vulnerability scanner. He started Jemurai to change the way security engages with developers. Matt contributes to the OWASP Glue project and enjoys family, soccer and sci-fi.

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We are strong developers who know security. This training will be valuable to the staff and leadership of both engineering and security teams.