Jemurai Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

(Last Updated: Nov 2017)


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What Information We Collect

At Jemurai, we take privacy very seriously.  Many of us do not use major social platforms because we do not want our information shared or marketed.  Our aim is to extend the same level of consideration to our visitors and customers.


We work hard not to collect information in unsolicited ways.  We use Google Analytics and Stripe to collect general information about visitors and payment information.  When we collect personal information it is solely for the purpose of communicating more effectively with people that opt in to either purchase a product or service or to be notified about Jemurai events.  For those that provide contact information, we may follow up to build the relationship.  For those that do not wish to be contacted, we offer an opt out option here:  


We assume that Google (Analytics), Stripe (Payments) and Amazon (hosting) collect additional information, such as IP address, location, and browser information.  We only use this information as described above.


Sharing and Transferring Your Information

In no case do we share information collected with third parties for the purposes of advertising or any other reason.



In the event that the Privacy Policy changes, that will be posted on our website.